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Train with us

Having rich experience in terms of riding and driving alike and also participation in National-Level racing, we conduct training schools for improving your methods to make you faster on the race track, but safer on the streets.


Everyone loves DIYs and so do we, we love giving small video-based tutorials to day-to-day or basic automotive activities.


Who doesn't love to be around like-minded people while having some scrumptious food with tea or coffee. Well, add your precious automobile to it and that tick marks every box. Well, we love it too much and the invite is always open-for-all.


About AutoZiast

How we started

When two like-minded individuals meet, who are also Automobile Engineering classmates, the array of vehicular talks and dreams about it are vast. But, every now and then, there comes a point in life where the journey of your career abscinds your passion out of it.

Our Mission

We aspire to develop, enhance and promote- motorsports, automotive and road safety alike through our website, activities and events with the AutoZiast Moto-Park being at the heart of its operations.


With Engineering as our background and years of experience with different types of vehicles and racing, we like to merge our oldest and newest experiences to give out as complete information as we can.


We envision a transition which makes the roads safer, smarter & better.


The Format

A never seen before fast-pace racing format, where the racers do not need to be just fast but equally consistent. Do you have it in you?


135cc to 180cc, 181cc to 235cc, 236cc to 310cc, 311cc to 415cc, 416cc to 680cc.

What's in it

Prize Money, Trophies, Certificates and most importantly the thrill of racing and a good time.

Who can participate

Anyone with a valid driving licence, a registered motorcycle and the drive to be a champion.