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Gordon Murray’s T.50 – The F1 Successor

Every time we hear the name McLaren F1, our procedural imagination leads to the magnificent sound of McLarens. Behind their success in Formula One are many greats and one such notable, highly notable, is Gordon Murray. The man behind the charisma of McLaren, has started his own company – “Gordon Murray Design”. Gordon Murray has Read More

F1 Steering Wheel’s Functions

Formula 1 racing prototypes are the ultimate machines to be ever built in the Motorsports world, but what makes it different from the regular production car parked in your garage? There are a zillion differences but our focus at the moment is the Steering Wheel. The steering pad of F1 cars are quite complicated and Read More

The Engine Gods of Formula-One

In the world of automobiles, F1 is considered to be the Olympus of petrol-heads. It is worshiped and looked upon with a glimmer of hope to produce the best of all, from the best engines to the best aerodynamics to the best drivers (we should really call them gladiators though). It is the benchmark of Read More