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The Future Is Electric!

When the Automobiles were invented, we would have never imagined that it would possess us like this; capturing our Dreams and Imaginations. And ever since, we are used to the Music of Fuel powered Engines and their sheer Flaming Beauty. But now, how do we imagine them without that sound? It was difficult to imagine Read More

All About Fuel Octane Rating

What is Octane Rating? Simply put, it is the ability of fuel to resist knocking in an engine. What does Knocking mean? Let’s start from the basics here. Say that we have a Single cylinder engine. It uses a 4 stroke cycle to extract power from fuel. The four strokes (left to right) are namely: Read More

Emission Norms – Fuss or Desideratum?

With the recently imposed ban on BS-III (Bharat Stage 3) vehicles; the manufacturers had to sell out huge chunks of their vehicles in highly discounted prices, as Supreme Court of India upheld their decision to ban the sales of BS-III compliant vehicles from 1st April, 2017. Though the very first introduction of BS-IV norms came Read More