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The Future Is Electric!

When the Automobiles were invented, we would have never imagined that it would possess us like this; capturing our Dreams and Imaginations. And ever since, we are used to the Music of Fuel powered Engines and their sheer Flaming Beauty. But now, how do we imagine them without that sound? It was difficult to imagine Read More

Battery Powered Motorcycles :The Future Of Superbikes & Racing

We have heard a lot about electric cars and hybrid cars, it’s the future of automobiles but have you ever imagined, what if two-wheelers (Motorcycles) also stepped in the electric culture? Yes! Electric motorcycles are improving since many years and now many manufacturers have unveiled their electric machines. Some of them are too fast and Read More

920 HP Super Car That Runs On Super Fuel!!

When we read the title of the article, everyone has one question; what is super fuel? But it’s not any “out of the box” substance. Yes it’s a just normal substance that we use for our everyday needs. This substance is salt water. The Nanoflowcell Quant EV is a research prototype that’s powered by salt Read More