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Culture Of Drift

Since long when we were introduced to the sight of Cars clearing corners completely sideways, and we have been in love with the word – DRIFT! The Typical 90s kids of India were familiarized to Drift through Tokyo Drift, the Third Movie of Fast & Furious Franchise (As if we had to say it, duh!) Read More

Breaking The Basics : Trail Braking

Here we are with one more of our Breaking The Basics Article and the topic at hand today is : Trail Braking. What Is Trail Braking? Some of you know about it, some of you do not. Let us start simple : Trail Braking is the braking action one takes while diving into the corner, Read More

Upgrades To Make Your Motorcycle Faster

There’s no easy way to simply make your motorcycle go faster without spending money, but we do know few tried and tested ways to improve your motorcycle’s performance. You still can’t expect a lot of change in performance. However, with the right combination of little tricks and add-ons, you might be able to transform your Read More

Understanding Brake Pads

Safety is the most important aspect above all others and that’s where you need to know about brakes. Brakes are like angels. They save our lives on a daily basis. Hence, it’s always an advantage to know them better. And we are here to help you understand them. One of the most popular brakes are Read More

Drifting And Power-Sliding

Drifting! It strikes back scenes from Tokyo Drift where the infamous ‘Drift King’ smokes ‘Sean’. That first race left us mind boggled in awe. But why Tokyo? The movie could have been shot anywhere right? It traces back to the history of drifting. Japan was the origin of this art. The place where, for the Read More

Brakes – Significance Of Brake Fluids

The acceleration of a vehicle from stop to top (speed) is an exhilaration in itself, but once at high speeds we need brakes to compliment and control the vehicle. The vehicles will keep getting faster and faster and along with them their brakes will have to match equally. When it comes to a performance vehicle, Read More