Gordon Murray’s T.50 – The F1 Successor

Every time we hear the name McLaren F1, our procedural imagination leads to the magnificent sound of McLarens. Behind their success in Formula One are many greats and one such notable, highly notable, is Gordon Murray. The man behind the charisma of McLaren, has started his own company – “Gordon Murray Design”. Gordon Murray has introduced company’s first ever supercar named T.50The Purest, Lightest and The Most Driver-Focused Production Supercar Ever. Gordon Murray gave more than 20 years to Formula One Car designs, starting from 1970s, then turning his focus to road car designs in the 90s. Now, he is making all his efforts to craft a pure masterpiece of Supercars. T.50 will begin deliveries in 2020 and only 100 Buyers will get the chance to have it. So, what makes T.50 so special? Let us find out.

T.50 will have the purest and fastest 3.9-L V12 Naturally Aspirated Supercar engine ever, generating 650 HP @12,100 RPM with 450 NM of Torque. The Engine is coupled with the H-pattern Six-Speed Gearbox with Twin-Clutch and all power goes to Rear Wheels. With Mid-Mounted Engine and Rear-Wheel Drive format T.50 gets the unmatched power to weight ratio of 663HP/ton. This engine is specially made for Gordon Murray Design by Cosworth Power-Train. It is not the first time as earlier Murray had mounted the same engine layout in the legendary McLaren F1 supercar. McLaren F1 also got fame due to its unique centre driver seat position. The same ‘Jet-Fighter-Style’ driving position is implemented in T.50.

F1 weighed only 1140 kg and that was because of its full Carbon-Fiber chassis, also a big reason for it being too costly in that era. Following it, T.50 will be weighed only 980 kg, the lightest in Supercars. Gordon Murray has minimized weight of each and every component to fulfill his ‘Lightweight’ strategy so it can have Razor-Sharp handling. It uses the same Carbon-Fiber monologue frame. It is claimed that T.50 will be the most aerodynamically advanced road car ever built. Murray’s ground effect inventions play a big part in it. The under body panels are coupled with the 400 mm fans, controlling the under body airflow, which has already appeared in BT46B Formula One ‘Fan Car’. It gets beautiful body lines, exaggerated scoops and spoiler to enhance the aerodynamics of car. Even the upper surface doesn’t have any unsightly wings, outlets, vents and bulges, to provide a smooth aerodynamic flow of car. Apart from car parts and technology, the upholsteries and interior design is also crafted by Murray with in-house facility.

According to Murray, he never dreamed to break any speed records or to chase speed limits, instead of that he wanted to derive an engine that gives superlative performance without breaking emission norms. Gordon Murray Motors will manufacture this masterpiece in their newly-prepared factory in Surrey, England. As the tagline, Murray rejected the use of turbos or electrified assistance to provide the purest form of driving experience. Obviously having a totally new engine, lightest chassis and advance aerodynamics, they are thriving to make the most driver-focused supercar, but what lies in the future in terms of their delivery and competition is something awaited with peak curiosity.

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