Culture Of Drift

Since long when we were introduced to the sight of Cars clearing corners completely sideways, and we have been in love with the word – DRIFT! The Typical 90s kids of India were familiarized to Drift through Tokyo Drift, the Third Movie of Fast & Furious Franchise (As if we had to say it, duh!) and the next generation by the Hoonigan – Ken Block!!

But where does its Heart lie? The Heart of Drifting. Does it make you go faster? Is it Art or just a mean to Show-Off your skills? Which Cars are best for Drifting? So many questions to answer so let us just begin without wasting anymore Words.

History :

Though largely unknown that where exactly and how did Drifting come into the Scenario but if you follow the breadcrumbs leading to the past it will most certainly lead to one of the oldest Drift Culture – Japan. From 1960s to 1980s the Racing Tyres were Bias-Ply and due to their construction, they used to have high slip angles and Racers adapted to them by discovering a way called – Drifting. In Japan, the forefather or foremost creator of Drifting Techniques was Kunimitsu Takahashi, A Motorcycling Legend turned Car Racer. Takahashi-San’s techniques and style peaked the curious interest of a certain Keiichi Tsuchiya. He then started practicing Drifting on Japanese Mountains and with passing time became the Epitome of Drifting in Japan, “The Dorikin” (Drift King). Many Tuner Shops, Magazines started collaborating with him as he had become an inspiration to many Pro Racing Drivers and helped Organize the very first Drift Focused Event called D1 Grand Prix in 1988.

You can watch Dorikin’s Downhill Run here : Keiichi Tsuchiya – Pluspy

From Mountain Passes to Manga and Live Action Movies, Japan now feels incomplete without its Drifting Culture, Tuned Cars, Touge (Mountain Passes) and last of all “The Hashiriyas” (Street Racers). This created a World-Wide furor and ever-since, Drifting has never looked back and merged with Cars and Drivers as if it is a household thing.

Best Drift Cars :

Moving on from the History, let us say which would be the best or rather Iconic Cars from Drifting. In our opinion the most Drift Friendly cars are :

  • Nissan Silvia (S13, S14, S15) with Nissan SR20DET Engine
  • BMW M3 with BMW S54 Engine
  • Mazda RX7 with Mazda 13B Rotary Engine
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
  • Nissan Skyline (R32, R33, R34)

And, We just cannot end without paying tribute to Toyota Corolla AE86 (Levin/Trueno) with the 4A-GE Engine. Though what about its successor? The Toyota GT86!

Drifting Versus “Grip” Driving :

Though most of you must be knowing the difference between Drifting Your Tyres and Gripping Your Tyres in the corners and which one is better for what scenarios, Yet we would like to point out a few things for our Readers who do not know yet.

Be it uphill, downhill or plain old flat surface; Grip Driving is faster and safer way around any type of road. Drifting is not necessarily about going fast, it is to have a flow on the line you choose, the slip angle and your show-factor style. Drifting is not outright speed but more like an intricate art where you paint the roads with your rubber through the paint-brushing tool, A Car (Motorcycles too, but they majorly power slide).

Initial D :

We do not know how many of you must have heard about Initial D, but we assure you it is fascinating. It is one of the things that the #DriftCulture of Japan has produced. Its Anime Adaptation originated in 1998, lasted for 6 seasons ending in 2014; A story about a young teenager who grows delivering Tofu for his Father’s Tofu Shop since he was 12 year old. As he grows up, he accidentally gets into Street Racing and grows fond of it. The show started as a small experiment but went to become really popular and started gaining hordes and hordes of fans. So, what all do you get to see and learn from this Anime?

  • Drifting
  • Controlling Traction
  • Inertia Drift
  • Racing Tactics
  • Mind Games
  • Set Up Importance, depending on the situation
  • Racing Mentality
  • Counter Steering
  • Uphill vs Downhill
  • Turbo vs NA vs Supercharger
  • Driving Techniques
  • Controlling Racing Line
  • Driving In Rain
  • Under-steer vs Over-steer
  • Reading an Opponent

This is just a brief idea of what all is showcased, with this we conclude our Article and come to an end of the Drift Culture which we have majorly seen and somewhat experienced throughout our childhood till now. Hope we further increased the depth of your Automobile and Motorsports Vision. If you want to know more feel free to comment.

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