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Gordon Murray’s T.50 – The F1 Successor

Every time we hear the name McLaren F1, our procedural imagination leads to the magnificent sound of McLarens. Behind their success in Formula One are many greats and one such notable, highly notable, is Gordon Murray. The man behind the charisma of McLaren, has started his own company – “Gordon Murray Design”. Gordon Murray has Read More

Motorcycle Aerodynamics

Earlier we discussed Basics of Aerodynamics in our article Breaking The Basics : Aerodynamics and for further details on Aerodynamics you can check out our article Cutting Air Better. This time we turn our attention, specifically to Motorcycles. Many books have been written on the subject of Motorcycle Aerodynamics and so we can only scratch the Read More

Future – Self Healing Automobile Paint

We have seen various types of paint used for automobile body, but what is Self-Healing Paint? Have you ever thought, that what if the scratch on your vehicle body disappears by itself? Finding a scratch on your new machine is a nightmare for any automobile lover. Self-healing paint can solve this problem without the time Read More

Mazda’s Diesel Engine Killer

Diesel engines are getting outdated day by day for a lot of reasons, majorly they will be drowned by the latest EV and Hybrid technologies. All the motor heads in the industry are working to create highly efficient Electric vehicles and Hybrid vehicles. And then there is Mazda motors, looking for a totally new future Read More

Evolution Of MotoGP Engines

First thought that comes to your mind when you think of motorcycle racing is fast bikes and even faster riders. There are several World Championships ranging from 125 cc and 250 cc up to 1000 cc with prototype bikes, production bikes or highly modified production bikes. Championships such as World Superbike, IoM TT, World Supersports Read More

The Tale Of Rotary (Wankel) Engines

Somewhere in our time span as homo-sapiens, we all have been part of a machine-cult or loyal to a certain brand. But being in India you do not get your hands on a lot of great machines. So not only are we loyal to a certain brand or machine-cult, but many of us also fancy Read More